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Mold is troublesome and definitely an unpleasant discovery in any home or business. Once water damage sets into your property, mold can follow in as little as 24-48 hours. As the spores accumulate, they quickly spread beneath carpeting, behind walls, and overhead in the ceiling. Mold left unchecked can pose serious health threats and reduce indoor air quality.

Luckily, Restoration 1 of Denton County provides extensive mold remediation & inspection services to help you conquer this issue. We’ll help you win back control of mold growth in your home or business so you can feel safe once again.

High Service Standards

Our team is IICRC certified and licensed mold remediators. We follow all industry best practices to ensure the mold is removed safely and meets clearance standards.

Fair & Competitive Rates

We understand that each mold problem is unique, which is why we take the time to assess your situation to provide you with a quote that you’re happy with.

Treat You Like Family

We care about your property and overall well-being. We promise to work hard on your behalf so you can feel safe in your space once again.

Causes & Risks Of Mold

Mold is an allergen that’s toxic to your health and indoor air quality. You’ll want to figure out how to manage mold on your property to ensure no one experiences any adverse effects from it.

Common Locations Where Mold Is Found

Bathrooms & Kitchens

There are several water sources in the bathroom and kitchen. Without proper ventilation in each room, the chance for mold growth increases significantly. Be sure to check underneath cabinets, next to plumbing systems, and in dark corners just in case. At the first sign of mold, call the experts. We’ll bring in the right tools and experts to put a stop to your mold problem.


The crawlspace is an important component of a building. It houses numerous electrical wires and plumbing pipes. However, it also poses a risk for mold issues caused by high moisture and humidity. Besides mold treatment, we also offer crawlspace encapsulation to ensure mold does not grow in the future.


It should be no surprise that attics are common areas for mold growth. They’re hot, humid, and have an abundant food source with the wood sheathing. Another consideration is most people rarely spend time in the attic, so mold can have the opportunity to grow undisturbed for years. Our experts are committed to ridding your attic – and your entire property – of mold growth.


Basements are also another common area where mold is found. Their dark, damp nature provides the perfect condition for mold spores to spread and grow. When you do discover mold in your basement, be sure to contact us. We’ll help you with a solution that will improve your situation and make your basement safe to occupy once again.

The Restoration 1 Promise

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Our experts will arrive equipped and read to handle any mold problem.


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You can get peace of mind knowing the problem is taken care of.

There For All Your Mold Removal Needs

When you come across mold, you can expect Restoration 1 of Denton County to be at your side throughout the entire mold removal process. Our promise is that we will use the best solutions and techniques to resolve your mold problems. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll deliver the swiftest solution possible.