Don’t Risk It With DIY Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration lewisvilleWhen you let Restoration 1 of Denton County handle your water damage restoration, you can rest assured that your home will be taken care of and the problem will be resolved correctly. Attempting to handle water damage restoration on your own could actually end up causing more problems for you and your home. Here are just a few of the things you put at risk when you attempt to tackle water damage restoration without the help of trained professionals:

Water Damage Restoration In Lewisville

  • Further damage to your home: The very elements and materials that make us the structure of your home are very susceptible to water damage. Porous materials like wood, sheet-rock, and insulation all absorb water when exposed to it – meaning they will undergo changes to their very integrity when they are damaged by water. Absorption of water leads to saturation, and saturation causes weakening from the increased weight of the water, expansion, warping, buckling, and even rotting. If water is not extracted quickly and completely, prolonged exposure will only result in further damage to the most basic and fundamental aspects of your home – putting the integrity of your walls, ceilings, floors, and even foundation at risk depending on where the water damage has occurred. Structural repairs are not only costly but also time extensive, meaning longer restoration time for your home. In order to ensure all the moisture has been removed and dried completely, you need the use of commercial-grade eater extractors, air-movers, dehumidifiers, and industry-approved monitoring devices to ensure no moisture is left behind. Since most of us do not just happen to have these machines and this type of equipment lying around at our disposal, calling in the professionals is the best way to ensure that and no water or moisture will be left behind to cause further damage or threaten the integrity of your home. 
  • Mold problems: Unfortunately, mold growth and water damage tend to go hand-in-hand, thriving off of each other. Water is often the missing link for mold to grow in any area of your home, so once it is introduced, immediate action needs to be taken in order to stop mold from getting the chance to grow and spread. Mold only needs 48 hours of water exposure before it will begin to grow. Once growth has begun, mold can spread very rapidly through microscopic spores that travel through the air. This means that you do not have a lot of time to get water damage removed before you end up dealing with mold damage as well. Mold exposure is dangerous for respiratory health, and needs to be handled with industry-approved techniques and agents to ensure it is completely remediated and not spread further throughout your home. Attempting to handle water damage restoration on your own greatly increases the chances of mold growth from successfully starting and spreading.

The good news is you can still take action right away and ensure the best results for your home at the same time by calling Restoration 1 of Denton County when your Lewisville home needs water damage restoration. Do not put yourself or your home at risk for further problems that accompany water damage, and instead let Restoration 1 handle the whole thing for you.